Restoration of stained glass - conservation of stained glass

We offer stained glass restoration services made in traditional or Tiffany technique as well as other types of stained glass objects in public or private collections. The restorers in our team, professional artists with over 20 years of experience in this field, have the necessary experience to correctly diagnose the cultural asset and to establish directions for action to restore it.

The value of stained glass is the same as any other work of art or heritage object, and their conservation and restoration deserve the same level of attention and professionalism regardless of the period in which they were made or the material value.>

The main purpose of a stained glass conservation-restoration intervention is to remedy the existing degradation and to slow down the rate of damage, caused by various factors, which can lead in time to the total destruction of the stained glass.

Damage does not always occur gradually and can occur suddenly and catastrophically, as a result of natural conditions (fires, extreme weather conditions), accidents (improper handling, removal or treatment) or bumps (vandalism).

In the case of stained glass restoration, these efforts are complicated by the nature of the object itself. This is because a stained glass window is a complex object in that it is made of several component materials, each with its own risks and conservation needs.

The conservation and restoration of stained glass involves the collaboration of a group of specialists consisting of conservator, restorer, art historian, chemist, architect, etc., depending on the requirements of each project.

Our stained glass restoration services include:

  • Creating complete pre- and post-execution documentation that includes preliminary studies, stages, methods and materials used. The complete description of the state of conservation and of the interventions is made for each stained glass panel.
  • Disassembly and transport by specialized persons as specific techniques are used especially in the case of panels with damaged lead nets or with an unstable paint layer.
  • Consolidation of the decohesive paint layer, removal of adherent deposits and previous non-compliant interventions.
  • Reproduction of missing elements from painted or colored glass in the same mass as the original.
  • Final treatments and preparation of stained glass for installation.
  • On-site installation in the position where the stained glass windows were initially installed.
  • Unlimited warranty for all projects.

We collaborate with several distributors of materials necessary for a quality restoration. So far, we have not encountered any difficulties in procuring the necessary materials.

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