Decorative mural

Mural painting in traditional and modern techniques.

The term mural painting is a comprehensive one, which brings together an important number of specific painting techniques, being, first of all, a synthetic art, which through form and color seeks to bring beauty and artistic refinement in our lives. /> Mural paintings, in their relationship with the wall, must respect a series of visual-aesthetic and utilitarian criteria that create a harmonious connection between mural and architectural art. The basic function of the mural decoration consists in its aesthetic sense to interact with the architectural space, contributing to its transformation and giving it a magnificent appearance.
The realization of the decoration, from the project to the transposition into reality is a complex process. which involves objective and subjective factors, and which involves a lot of professional responsibility, as the life of such a creation can be equal to the existence in time of the building.
If in the past murals were made for religious or political purposes, now mural it is made in most cases for purely aesthetic purposes. Even if mural painting is characteristic of churches or other institutions, it remains popular inside personal homes, being an important part of interior design.

Custom mural:

  • Fresh mural painting
  • Dry decorative painting
  • Exterior painting
  • Scratch
  • Church painting
  • Paint Restoration

For a personalized price offer please fill in the form on the Contact page. In the message, please specify the destination of the space, the surface of the wall and other details that you consider necessary. Upon request, a simulation (a project) can be made with the painting to be made in the chosen space, according to a proposal made by our team or the beneficiary.

Decorative solutions for Sgraffito exterior or interior

Sgraffito is drawing and painting at the same time, which is executed on fresh plaster as fresco, but it is much easier to work and is more resistant over time. This technique is not a pictorial painting in the true sense of the word, but rather a technique of monumental drawing, deep in fresh plaster. The oldest type used is single-layer sgraffito, where the drawing is created by drawing and engraving deep on smooth plaster. To enhance the contrast, sgraffito is used in two or more colored layers. As a technique, sgraffito is relatively simpler, faster to execute, less expensive, compared to other mural painting techniques.

Stained glass gallery

Galerie vitralii

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Custom stained glass

  • Religious stained glass
  • Classic stained glass old houses
  • Decorative stained glass windows, doors, skylights
  • Stained glass object
  • Lighting

Restoration services

  • Stained glass restoration
  • Restoring the mural painting
  • Restoration of houses - facade and interior of buildings
  • Restoration of wood, stone, metal
  • Restoring icons

Painting to order

  • Fresh mural painting
  • Dry decorative painting
  • Exterior painting
  • Scratch
  • Church painting