Decorative stained glass painted in traditional technique

The custom stained glass service includes consulting and design, the actual realization of the decorative stained glass and the on-site assembly. Unlimited warranty for all projects.
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Stained glass creation

We make decorative stained glass painted in the traditional technique, from painted glass / colored stained glass, bound in lead H or Tiffany. The traditional technique of making stained glass is the guarantee of quality and durability...

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Stained glass creation

Mural painting

Mural painting in traditional and modern techniques. The term mural painting is a comprehensive one, which brings together an important number of specific painting techniques, being, first of all, a synthetic art,...

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Mural painting

Authentic painted stained glass and Tiffany stained glass

We make to order exclusively hand-painted decorative stained glass in traditional technique, made of painted glass / fused or colored glass in mass, bound in lead H or Tiffany, we do not make imitations (overlay prints or cold painting).

We are a whole team of professional artists and restorers, art graduates and members of the Union of Visual Artists in Romania, with over 20 years of experience in this field.

The restorers in our team are accredited by the Ministry of Culture, they have the necessary experience to correctly diagnose the cultural asset and to establish directions for action for its restoration.

We offer unlimited warranty for all projects.

The stained glass windows do not fade over time and the glass is not affected by any substance. They can be washed like ordinary glass. Moreover, the stained glass windows can be placed in the double glazing system.

We offer a wide range of services, from stained glass, stained glass restoration, mural painting, interior or exterior art components to the restoration of heritage houses or buildings.

What types of glass do we use to make stained glass

Spectrum Glass - specialty glass produced in Woodinville, Washington, USA. Most Spectrum products are artistic in nature and have creative applications, such as stained glass, opalescent glass, blown glass and oven-formed glass.

Baoli Glass - a wide range of art glass, which is very suitable for decorative stained glass, mosaic and Tiffany. There are over 20 colors (opal, translucent and striped) and structures (flamingo, granite and dotted). Each sheet is unique due to the manual production of this type of glass.

Glashutte Lamberts Glass - Made in Germany, authentic, blown to the pipe. The Original Restoration Glass is specially designed for the renovation of old buildings and for the preservation of historical buildings and monuments, as well as for the restoration of period furniture. By 1920, almost all window glass had been blown. Glashutte Lamberts has kept the production methods of blown glass to guarantee the historical authenticity of these windows. The original Lamberts Restoration Glass blown on the pipe, therefore, becomes an integral part of any restoration work that aims to meet the requirements of this classic method for windows.

Stained glass gallery

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